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**ROUND 12: All-American Girl vs. Twisted

AAG or Twisted?

  • All-American Girl

    Votes: 20 76.9%
  • Twisted

    Votes: 6 23.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-known member
The final round!!! Twisted has been patiently waiting to make its debut in this game, and now it faces off against All-American Girl. Who will win?!?!

Voting will be open for 3 days.
My vote goes to "All-American Girl" based on the sequence: "Get Out of This Town" > "All-American Girl" > ...> "Twisted" > ... (in both terms of favorite status and listened to times)


I think this is one of the last rounds


New member
All-American Girl for me. I love Twisted but the former just tells a great story with a fun melody and it's so well-written too. Twisted would still be in my top 5 from Carnival Ride though.


Well-known member
I voted AAG. I've always found Twisted good, but not a standout track.

I still think the finale should've had either Just a Dream, I Know You Won't, or So Small in it though :(


New member
K, now I'm just voting against AAG out of spite that it beat YWFT. Y'all are crazy.

lol i feel like doing that. i cant believe AAG beat YWFT (what a downer) but im still voting for AAG. never really loved twisted although it was a great song


New member
A-AG. It's the song that brought me on the "Carnival Ride" on country radio. Twisted is nice, but I clearly remember it being the only song I didn't listen to/get acquainted with when preparing to see my first Carrie concert.