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Round 6: Temporary Home vs Cowboy Casanova

Temporary Home vs Cowboy Casanova

  • Temporary Home

    Votes: 17 43.6%
  • Cowboy Casanova

    Votes: 22 56.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


New member
Temporary Home won the last battle by a large margin, so let's see how it fares against fan favorite Cowboy Casanova. Poll closes in 5 days.


New member
When I first heard the album, TH.

But lately, I keep coming back to CC. I still think it's her best single selection to date. I can't imagine a better lead single from any album ever (barring Welcome to the Jungle).

I still remember listening attentively to The Wolf online and crying when I heard that odd version of CC. And when Danielle extracted the audio from the video and everybody had a version of the song with that dumb jukebox part at the beginning lol. That version got at least 1000 plays on my iPod before I bought the single.


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Cowboy Casanova! One of my all time favorites from Carrie and my 2nd favorite (sometimes first) off of Play On

NC State Carrie Fan

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Temporary Home is so great cause its Carrie talking about her faith which I love since im a Christian....but I think Cowboy Casanova was her best song era besides Before He Cheats and I love the song and the video and ive been addicted to it lately


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Wow close poll, went with TH this time around. I just listened to both of them and the part of the song where Carrie voice sounds like might break like she's about to cry still gets me. CC is the perfect blend of pop, rock and country and an excellent choice for a lead single.


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I went with Cowboy Casanova. Even though I find the video a little strange. Cowboy Casanova in my opinion is the one song I dont think comes off the best live. She really has to concentrate on her breathing for it to come out amazing. But even then-Ii guess it must just be me- I just dont like it live, it doesn't give off the same energy as the record version. I do think its her best "boy-bash" song right behind GG though.


New member
hard choices! both are my most favorite songs from Play On. CC is addicting and TH is tearjerking.

But I finally went with TH. :)


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This may be a dumb question but how are we voting? Are we basing it off our favorites or what we think is the better song.

My choices are different depending on which one lol