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Selling two tickets for Carrie’s San Antonio concert Monday April 18. Great seats!!!


New member

I’m selling two tickets for Carrie’s San Antonio concert this Monday April 18.

I bought these tickets since November and unfortunately I will not be able to attend the concert because of work.

Great seats, you will see Carrie very close. Section 8, Row 9, Seats 1 and 2.

I am trying to attach the image of the purchase price which was $560 for both tickets but I am not able to do it since I don't know how to put the URL. I can send the image through mail if you are interested. It was a VIP a package and I am not sending the merchandise, just the tickets for the concert.

I am asking $500 for both tickets.

I checked with ticketmaster and the tickets for the concert can be transferred. Since they are “will call” I will notify them of the transfer of the tickets and send the buyer copy of my driver’s license and copy of the credit card I used for the purchase with only the last four digits uncovered.

It is an awesome opportunity to see Carrie up close!

Please contact me with any questions!