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Server move & new ownership

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Thanks, Chris, for working so diligently to get all of the issues fixed we have been having. I am back in on my work computer this morning without having to use the proxy site.

Hi Guys!

Well at least we solved the "Forbidden Error" but we're still getting the server busy errors. That one may require a little more work.


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Takes a while to format. Just a picture and a bunch of lines. Have to refresh the page a couple of times. Happens when I log on, as well as when going from one topic to the next.
Yeah, I got the forbidden message for like a week. It seems to have stopped though. I thought it was just my wifi lol. Nice to know I wasn't the only one.


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Thank you Chris for staying on top of the issues. The real test will be this Thursday! (wink wink)!


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I was good yesterday and today, so far. Yes, the real test will be after tomorrow at 5:00 when Carrie makes her announcement!
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