Carrie Underwood Fans

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The latest update


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I'm not sure what was going on over the past couple of days to update the site, but it has really slowed down for me. Anyone else experiencing this?


It's the new economy man.... can't afford it. Besides, it needs a new direction, the forum is just blah mostly..


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I don't like the picture at the top of Carriefans. I think it's one of her least photogenic. And I still totally miss the thanks button!


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James - I really appreciate this site and the latest round of updates. Not having the siggy has really sped up the loading time for me as well as saving me a few kBs of data on my limited data plan.

Just wondering, would eliminating or archiving threads that are very old reduce the cost for this site? How much would it cost to add the "thank" button? Feel free to send me a PM on that. Thanks! :)


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Where have the years gone?? lol
I know, right? I still remember the Carrie chatroom when all of us would gather on results night and continually re-assure each other and ourselves that Carrie would move on to the next round. Can't believe that was 8 years ago.