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The Voice Season 10


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[h=1]Singer says 'The Voice' is pre-cast, only benefits judges, pulls out of auditions[/h]


A prospective contestant on "The Voice" says he pulled out of the show because its "pre-cast," but a source tells FOX411 that Adam Weiner is just whistling Dixie.
Weiner, co-founder and front man of the Philadelphia based rock band Low Cut Connie, took to Facebook on Monday to inform his fans that he wouldn't be on the show because “'The Voice' is entirely 'pre-cast' and they had an opening they wanted to fill with me.”
But our insider says Weiner is mistaken, and that the show is “not pre cast and that was his interpretation.”
The source explained that Weiner was booked for Season 10 and was asked to audition. The source says he did indeed audition, and then dates were given to him in which he was “told to be available,” and that is when he passed on the opportunity to perform in front of its celebrity judges.
Weiner told FOX411 that although he believes “The Voice” is a “well-crafted piece of confectionery pop entertainment,” he doesn't think it benefits the careers of working artists other than the judges, and only exists to benefit those stars and the major label modern pop songs they are promoting.
“The contractual and musical limitations of the show's format are pretty well known, as is its pre-cast audition process,” the musician continued. “I don't necessarily think this makes the show 'fake' and I'm definitely not the first person to make reference to their casting process or heinous contracts.”

The show has faced allegations in the past for having a prohibitive contract. Reports say the contract allows producers to change show rules, eliminate contestants at any time and force contestants to undergo any medical testing.
Weiner explained why he thought his Facebook post was necessary.
“I wrote my spiel on Facebook so that I could reach my pals and my fans, the people that mean everything to me and inspire me to write original music and let them know that I wasn't going to burlesque my shtick on national TV just because I'm supposed to want to do that,” he said.
“The Voice” will return in its 9th season this Fall with coaches Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.


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We've pretty much all already known that THE VOICE only benefits the judges. I'm actually sort of glad they are getting called out.


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The Voice may only benefit the coaches but that isn't what the coaches are trying to do. They put a lot of work in helping these artists.


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It's a TV show, so of course some of it is probably scripted/pre-panned. Their number one priority is ratings and advertising dollars. As long as the show is drawing an audience and sponsors/advertisers want to be associated with the Voice and it brings in money, they have accomplished their main goal. If they happen to get a music star out of it, then great, but it's pretty obvious that unless a contestant's coach gets involved in their career they aren't given much support by their labels after the show is over. I think the country contestants have had the most support due to how country labels operate and also because they have had Blake (Danielle, Cassadee, RaeLynn, Gwen) and even Carrie (Swon Brothers) to help support them. I think Usher may have helped support one or two of his contestants after they left the show. I am not sure if the other coaches have put in as much effort into their team members.

Also, I don't think they have ever been secretive about the "casting" of the auditions. I don't know if people send in tapes/applications or if there is an open audition process, but they obviously have some type of process and the contestants are then called back if selected to perform in front of the judges. So, in that way, yes it is pre-cast and they have never been secretive about that. Even Idol has a pre-audition round before you get to the judges. Too many people audition for these shows for them to pay the big bucks for the coaches to spend their time listening to every single open audition.
The Voice may only benefit the coaches but that isn't what the coaches are trying to do. They put a lot of work in helping these artists.

The show IS all about the judges, especially when they play the "which COACH is gonna win this year? Will it be Blake again?" If it were about the contestants, it would be "which contestant is gonna win it all?"


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My Favorite Season 10 Was Alisan Porter!!! My Favorites Season 11 Are Billy Gilman Ali Caldwell We McDonald And Darby Walker!!!
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