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Tyler Hubbard asks Country stars to support firearm background checks


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Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line) is campaigning for Congress to pass mandatory background checks before firearm sales. These are usually carried out in stores, but can be perfunctory, and there are unregulated loopholes, such as gun shows. He claims that 90% of Americans support tighter checks. He is asking other Country stars to support the campaign - by writing to their representatives, posting on social media, or retweeting his posts.

This is his original video on the topic

And this is his follow up, when he calls on numerous artists (including Carrie) to consider joining the call


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Everybody that I know that have bought guns at gun shows have had to get background checks. I fully support what he is doing, but it is not easy to just go buy a gun.


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You can do all the background checks you want and the criminals and mentally deranged will always find a way to do harm.


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I'd support this initiative but I really doubt celebrities would have an effect.

We can see that from the almighty Taylor Swift (4 million-plus openers in a row - sure sign of someone with a huge obsessive fanbase) creating the opposite effect in Tennessee, and Dat Queen B herself also failed to sway voters against Senator Cruz. People who could sway votes like Oprah Winfrey are very rare, and celebrities could at most influence teenagers (who don't vote anyway) or bring awareness to something (eg increasing turnout).

In fact, I experienced that myself. I was quite obsessed with Asa Butterfield after watching Sex Education (Netflix), then I found that he retweeted a tweet calling for a second Brexit referendum. That didn't lead me to support his side, nor did that really affect my feelings for him. I just don't care.


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You can do all the background checks you want and the criminals and mentally deranged will always find a way to do harm.
Of course they will.

That logic applies to many situations, not just guns.

Burglars still find a way to break into our house even if we lock our doors. Addicts still find a way to get meds illegally even though doctor's prescriptions are needed. We still get injured in a car accident even if we buckle up seatbelts.

Rules and precautions taken will never be able to eliminate risks, but they will help to minimize the risks and harm.