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Unbearable Sadness


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I hold him close within my heart
And there he will remain
To walk with me throughout my life
Until we meet again

RIP Daddy
Col R G Shaw (Mar 7 1930 - Jan 4 2014)

This is beautiful. You won't have any trouble writing your Dad's obituary. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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These are the words of my younger sister and I've told her that the only thing we can do is listen to their words embedded in our hearts together with the wisdom we were born with and the healing spirit of Jesus.... My parents were married for almost 60 years. My mom died in March 2012. And then Saturday we lost daddy.

What do you do when you have no parents? Who do you ask those questions to that only your mom or dad would know the right answer to? Where do you call "home," when you've lived in the same house, and had the same phone number for 43 1/2 years? You feel so empty. You feel so lost, confused and truly walk in a haze not really knowing where to begin. No one teaches you these things. Oh sure, your parents may prepare some things but no one teaches you anymore when you lose both parents. No one there anymore to love you unconditionally, no matter how badly you may feel you've screwed up, they were always there for you, & supported you in whatever your hearts desire. Who do you go to now? The good Lord guides and watches over you, forgives your sins, but where's those kind words of wisdom that you and I know only a parent can give? Where's that phone call just to say hi and ask what you're doing? That's gone, too! I miss my Mother, & ache to kiss my fathers bald head and say, "I love you, Pops!" just one more time. With the heaviest heart imaginable, & eyes so swollen from tears, I try and rest, knowing they ARE BOTH together again...


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The VA and the military honor guard has finally approved Monday the 13th for his funeral. We've had everything planned and now we can carry thru with it. So next Monday we will bury dad.


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I've only just seen this thread, but my heart goes out to you in your loss. I will pray for you and your family.


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Smokeyiiis~ My sincere condolences to you and your family. Will definitely keep you and your loved ones in my prayers in the days and weeks ahead. May your lovely memories held dear in your heart comfort you. God Bless.


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So sorry for your loss. Thoughts & prayers with you and your family. Glad your Carrie family can be here for you. :)


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Daddy's funeral was beautiful yesterday and he was given full military honors at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery. As per his wish he will be buried with my mom. TAPS was extraordinary, heart wrenching though. Thank you all for your prayers and for holding me up.


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I know how difficult yesterday was for you. I am happy that the funeral was so beautiful. My father and brother both had full military honors at their funerals as well. I agree that Taps, the gun volleys and the presenting of the flag that covered their caskets was beautiful as well as heart wrenching. It brought tears of sorrow and pride for the where indeed great men. Men of service as your father was. May you continue to heal and hold close in your heart the wonderful memories you have forever. May your father RIP having you and your sister honor is final request so lovingly.