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Wasted (Remastered 4k) - Carrie Underwood

The Nanook

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I remember going from despising Wasted's pick as the 4th single off Some Hearts to it easily becoming one of my probably top 3 favorite Carrie songs still to this day. And Carrie clearly loves it too since she sings it live just about as often as JTTW and BHC.

I also remember gradually liking Roman White's output with Carrie less and less and thinking that Carrie needed to move on to a different director (I still think it was necessary for Carrie to grow), but looking back all of Roman's music videos were well put together and I think none were nearly as boring as some of the music videos Carrie's put out the past few eras. Wasted's music video isn't elaborate or anything but at least has a beginning, middle, and end and gets the job done. Whereas most videos starting with Smoke Break go nowhere and oftentimes are just photoshoots in video form.


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Yeah there were a some videos RW did I didn't like that much but that's not to say he didn't have a very successful, effective run with Carrie. Most of his videos were quite excellent and like you said at least had a proper storyline. Like with LN, I was wishing we could have seen Carrie waking up hungover with a ring on her finger - that would have been such a great scene, and was frustrated when that didn't happen. Still, compared to many of her videos now, we got a lot more in just one of RW's videos.