Carrie Underwood Fans

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we should post our Twitter names here so we can follow each other :)


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I'm new in twitter world I just created to follow Carrie but now I'm trying to follow all you guys I haven't much to say but I'm trying to be more involved for help. Thanks.



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Something happen to my email that i was using so I had to make a new email address and i had to changed my twitter so my new username is @Countryfan1985 so of you were following me refollow me with the new twitter username.

Edit: I fix the problem i can now get into Countryfan2488.
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if anyone has a tumblr you can follow me -
it's about 50% Carrie 50% everyone else. i always follow back Carrie blogs!


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Gotten a new twitter account @cmuf1212 is my new one I was formerly @cmuf2011 but gotten hack so I deactivated that account and start a new one
since many of the CF members have since joined twitter we should post out twitter names here so we can all follow each other

mine is @carriewinatlife

Thank you, allirishgirl. I am seeing your Twitter page and your tweets
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