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What are low maintenance garden design ideas?


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I want to have a low maintenance garden since the house is a rental property. I do not live there. So, I can not go there water plans or cut a lawn often.

All I can think about is to plan couple low water required shrubs, put some stones or barks. What are your workable ideas of a low maintenance garden? Please share. Thanks


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Well i am doing Gardening business and i grew every kind of flowers and seeds in my garden i have a big plant for this which also includes as my asset.
I like gardening and i am doing this business from many years and getting profit from this gardening i deals in all kind of gardening accessories for homes offices and outdoors gardening planting


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That's great, The offer is really good. Thanks Zoombie. I think James do not like to spend money. So, you have to told him about how he plant itself. Anyway Thanks once again. It really nice of you. James do you have a relocatable homes?
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