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Which version of Christina Aguilera are you


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Which Version of Christina Aguilera Are You?

You Are Back to Basics Christina

You appreciate the sounds and fashions of the past! Your personal style could even be classified as "vintage" or "classic." You tend to do well in committed relationships, and it's likely you're in love. You are generally a very happy person... but you're no Pollyanna! In fact, you have gone through many trials and tribulations to earn your happiness in life. You are a realist who believes in working hard to achieve your dreams.


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I got Burlesque Christina! I would post the description too, but it won't let me copy the text on my phone. But it was pretty spot on, not gonna lie!


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My mine was right except for only wearing vintage. I do like to wear vintage cloths but also modern. lol


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You Are The Voice Christina

Mature and wise, you have grown and learned from your past mistakes, even learning to laugh at them, and it has made you stronger than ever. You are a true leader, believing in your colleagues/students/friends/teammates and striving to be your very best, even if you aren't rewarded for all your hard work. You benefit from sharing your wisdom with others.

I'll take it lol.