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Wish list for future albums


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First what we all want (Well the majority anyways) an Christmas album
An duet with an talented artist outside of country music not as a background vocals

What I want in addition to above
An duet album
An acoustic album
An gospel album
An Christian album (preferably along the lines of a mix of Skillet, TFK, Switchfoot, Toby Mac Inspirational country (see Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, and Dolly Partons gospel albums), Steven Curtis Chapman, Danny Gokey and 3 door down and lifehouse
I want a traditional country album, like what Reba just did.

Carrie sounds really good singing that type stuff...songs along the lines of I Hope You Dance, etc.

I know this would just cause controversy similar to the whole FGL drama due to people having strong differing opinions about these artists. But...I would like to see Carrie do a legitimate collaboration in the future with someone like Post Malone or Lady Gaga, mainly because I feel like they have dedicated fan bases with the potential for crossover appeal. Hillary Lindsey and some other people like Natalie Hemby have written with Lady Gaga, so that right there is a connection. I doubt it would ever happen, but I’ve been thinking about this type of stuff a lot lately.