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So, I'm in that horrible stage of publishing when I have to send out these VILE things called “query letters” to every agent in town. If you were an agent, how would you react to this letter.

Your options are “A) That sounds interesting, please send me the complete manuscript, or B) That is a load of crap. Piss off.”

NOTE : Before you read the letter, mentally imagine you are a tired, weary agent who receives over 500 such letters EVERY DAY. You also typically only skim the letter, and often drop it altogether within the first paragraph if you get bored.


14th May, 2012

Dear Ms. Amster,

What if you and I are Gods, and the world we live in is 'heaven' for the people of another world?

Sixteen-year-old friends Robert Fanning and Vivian Dupont were having a thoroughly unremarkable evening when Rob's father, Larry Fanning, abruptly disappeared before their eyes. They didn't have long to get used to the shock of seeing a grown man vanish into thin air. Less than a minute later, a curiously dressed (and equally confused) boy of the same age as them appeared in Larry's place. He introduced himself as Parsy Sprout.

The three teenagers soon tracked down Larry's former colleague who revealed a shocking truth to them. Parsy belonged to a world completely separate from our own. In Parsy's world too, just as in ours, various religions and mythologies exist. All of these religions describe a 'heaven' where the Gods live. Parsy had been pulled out of his own world and deposited into ours. Except for him, our world was 'heaven'.

However, things were far from peaceful in our world. Larry Fanning's sudden disappearance had disturbed the delicate balance between the ultimate forces of good and evil. As a result, several hundred of the most evil men and women to have ever lived in our world came back to life, seeking to turn our world into one completely ruled by evil. As the only people aware of the impending disaster, Parsy, Rob and Vivian must now race to defeat the army of evil by bringing to life the Gods of Parsy's mythologies. Of course, those Gods are simply real-life figures from our own history.

Set across 4 countries and 2 continents, “The Uninvited” is a fast-paced novel of 70,000 words that is appropriate for any reader above the age of ten. It is my first completed work. I am presently a student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Embedded below are the first three pages of my manuscript, as requested.

May I send you an excerpt or the complete manuscript?

Thank you,
A.S. Raj