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Your fave Carrie album though the years??

Your fave Carrie album though the years since American Idol??

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1. Some Hearts
2. Carnival Ride
3. Storyteller
4. Play On
5. Blown Away
6. Cry Pretty

I love the 2000s decade sound of country music. I know Some Hearts was the least say Carrie had in an album making process but I just love the blend of country and pop production. And how the pop-leaning songs were still produced with real instruments not electronic beats or snaps which hadn't really entered country music yet in 2005. Still waiting for the day Carrie makes an all-out traditional sounding country album top to bottom!
I don't really even know how to rank MG and MS amongst the other albums, so I'll put them separately at the end.

1. Storyteller
2. Play On
3. Some Hearts
4. Blown Away
5. Carnival Ride
6. Cry Pretty

1. My Savior
2. My Gift