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Amelia Keown Death


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Hey everyone! Wow, it's been a while since I have been here I hope everyone is well! I wanted to come here because I need some help. Our community lost a 16 year old girl in a car accident, and the guy that killed her had a rap sheet so long it went back years and year. DUI, Robbery, Drugs, No License. He was running from the police when he hit her head on. Amelia was driving home after school to get her pom pom's for her dance team after school practice but she forgot them. She never made it home.

I made a website with permission of her family to promote awareness to sign our petition from called "Amelia's Law". This law in Tennessee would re-examine the "3 strikes your out" policy and include more felons that would have kept him in jail. He wasn't supposed to get out of jail until 2015 but a parole board let him go early... despite his extensive record because .. well.. don't get me started.... Please help us get "Amelian" (1 million) signatures on this petition to change this law to save future lives. PLEASE like this on your facebook and spread the word.

Please visit Amelia's Law - Amelia Keown for more information on what happened that day, like our page, and sign the petition.

Thanks guys!


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So sorry about Amelia's tragic death. It reminds me of my bother's death. He also died from a head on collision w/ a drunk driver 4:00 in the afternoon. He had returned to town after making it home from work but forgot to pick something up and was killed on his return drive home. Thanks for posting this.