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Concert Photography and video recommendations and help Please !!!


I just bought the new cannon powershot sx30 and it is not a professional camera and has a fixed 35x lens but it looks a lot like a professional camera and I was wondering if this would probably keep me from taking it into concerts and if I was able to get it in and used if from the first few rows would security hound me and if they decide I shouldn't be using it thinking it was a pro camera do they would take it from me or just ask me to put it away? I have heard horror stories of them taking video cameras and regular cameras and people not getting them returned is this true or just hear say? I am hopefully going to the fan club party and want for just once to get some really nice photos. I also want a camera that can do concerts and inside shots with flash well and have at least 10x zoom and good hd video quality.

With that being said can anyone recommend a smaller compact camera with great hd video and that takes some decent photos. I have the canon powershot 110is which can do ok for photos but takes vga video that is not too good. I want to upgrade and I only have 7 more days to make my mind up about keeping the sx30 so your feedback and help would be greatly appreciate and if you recommend a camera could you provide some examples of your photos or and videos or a link to them.


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Depends on the venue, some will let you in with the sx30 and others won't but at least you'll definitely be able to take it into the FC party :)

I also have a compact camera. The DMC-ZS3 which has a 12x zoom and takes video in AVCHD Lite or Motion Jpeg. This camera is about 2 years old so I'm not sure what format the newer model shoots video in.

Here is a sample of concert pictures taken from the 10th row.!

Here is a sample of video from the same concert.
Tour Videos pictures by masonj45 - Photobucket


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regarding the sx30, while its not a professional camera there will be some overzealous venue staff who will not allow it in. about having cameras taken away i have never experienced that, i used to have the S2IS and only once was i told i couldnt bring it in. But its not as big as the sx30.

a smaller compact camera that will come close to the likes of the sx30 performance-wise doesn't really exist. there is a trade-off between aesthetics and performance.

i used the 120is for this of concert photos and 1 video. happyvalley2010 pictures by jeff48109 - Photobucket obviously i was still meddling with the settings for the photos...


well I took the sx30 back today and bought the canon 130is and so far I am happy it takes great videos and pretty good photos I just don't know what it will do with concert pictures since the aperture isn't great so if anyone has examples of photos taken with this camera I would love to see them.

Wow the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 looks great and the new model the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 was one of my first choices when I was looking but there were several people on amazon talking about these camera stopping working in a very short time and it scared me off plus I didn't have a dealer anywhere around me where I could go to check one out and I hate to order electronics online like amazon for the reason that is you don't like it they won't let you return it. If anyone else has recommendations I would love to see more. I decided the sx 30 was a great camera but knew I would be hounded by security at concerts if I even got in and I couldn't afford two cameras so I need one that I can get in that will do good.


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i've found that people who work concert event venues tend to be quite uninformed about cameras. SLR camera's are recognized for having removable lenses..and the powershots don't have that. so in reality you should be good! but some concert venue people don't know and could think it's professional. I know sometimes with my powershot people double check it and ask other workers around them if it's ok for confirmation.


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I brought my Canon Powershot SX20 to a Carrie concert in December, and the floor security came over to me and were trying to tell me that I wasn't allowed to use it. (I hadn't had any problems with the same camera at the venue I went to just the night before). I just kept telling her that I was told as long as my camera doesn't have a detachable lens then I am allowed to use it. They were giving the guy beside me a hard time too, and he kept saying that he had called the venue ahead of time and was also told that as long as it doesn't have a detachable lens, it's fine.

Eventually she brought over the security manager who took one look at my camera and agreed that it wasn't professional since it didn't have a detachable lens, and I didn't have another problem the rest of the night. :)