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Cry Pretty Era - Current iTunes/Streaming Positions


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DA sits at #17

Singles that are above her should drop since they aren’t “NEW” or “PROMOTED” singles.

I’d love to sit pretty in the Top 20 or higher for a long duration!


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18 is a mighty fine number to be at! I’ll take it in this day and age. Last weekend number one was around 300 when it was at the top.


Glad to see at least some good news today. That was needed. Numbers are looking good!

not sure why my comment was moved to this, it was more geared at the mediabase debut yesterday along with the good numbers i saw there than anything else. I am happy its doing well on itunes though!

just an FYI...


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DA is down to #65

We’ve also had Frozen 2 released, various other songs released, so it should climb back up into the Top 50!


The AMAs are going to give a lot of songs a push tonight. Really wish she was performing DA to get that push as well....kinda sucks were not getting one

Eder Rodrigues

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iTunes Top 100 Christmas Songs

1 - Let There Be Peace - Carrie Underwood
5 - The First Noel - Carrie Underwood
7 - Do You Hear What I Hear - Carrie Underwood
8 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Carrie Underwood
10 - What Child Is This? - Carrie Underwood
13 - O Holy Night - Carrie Underwood
itunes top 100 christmas songs

1 - let there be peace - carrie underwood
5 - the first noel - carrie underwood
7 - do you hear what i hear - carrie underwood
8 - hark! The herald angels sing - carrie underwood
10 - what child is this? - carrie underwood
13 - o holy night - carrie underwood