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Ghost Story chart updates


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The more I listen to Denim & Rhinestones…

I become more confident in my single choices…

1. GS (LEAD… obviously 😂)
2. Crazy Angels (Mid-summer/end of summer)
3. Burn (End of fall/beginning of winter)
4. Pink Champagne (End of winter/early spring)

Michael Reid

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Do we know what songs are expected to hit #1 of the rest in front of GS. I’d imagine, Morgan, Scotty, Tim, Kane, and potentially Maren… do you think Dylan and Jake Owen would try for the #1. Then you just have Chris young, Justin Moore, and Jon Pardi. I mean if everyone gets the 1 week at number 1, and it goes in order. We are looking at 11/ 12 weeks, before GS hits #1. Meaning middle to end of September.

also should we expect a drop in spins this week, hopefully not, given it’s not album release week??


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^Is it not possible for certain songs to peak and start dropping? Perhaps GS can sneak by some of the songs that are ahead.
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