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Jacob Bryan Fisher


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Sounds like Carrie has her hands full with Jake..haha

"So She says of her younger son Jake, “He is the opposite. He has always been like, ‘No, put me down, leave me alone. You’re in my way.’ So he might be a little more independent. He’s definitely my kind of rough and tumble kind of a bull in a china shop kid.”

Underwood adds of her rambunctious one, “He thinks he’s being funny, that’s when he’s going to do the naughty stuff. You can’t laugh at him but it’s the hardest thing in the world not to laugh at him. He just seems to be a little wilder.



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Carrie Underwood
Jacob, we longed for you. We prayed for you. We walked a long, hard road in order to one day hold you. Today you are two. You are silly and strong. You love to play and sing and follow your big brother around. You are loved. You are cherished...