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[June 30 , 2019] - Cardiff, Wales – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena


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@carrieunderwood I cannot thank you enough for coming out after the end of your concert!! #CryPrettyTour360 #idol #country #music

not sure who gets credit for these but if I find out I'll post it





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I’m travelling back from Cardiff now. Good to see Carrie again. I was in the balcony was my view wasn’t the best but I took some videos. I’ll post them later. Great to meet and greet Carrie again. It has been three years since I met her in Dublin. I told her that. I got hug this time. I congratulated on her Jacob and she said had been FaceTiming him and was really missing him. I am still waiting for my photo. :)


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I haven’t even seen the tour yet being seeing these photos in the UK and the states and just how adaptable it’s been to different venues this has to be her best tour to date!!! If she doesn’t get EOTY after all this including her knockout UK Tour I’m gonna riot in the streets of Nashville!


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I’m still uploading my video clips. Here’s the photos I took. They had the pin set and glitter tears available but didn’t see them at the merch stand at Birmingham show. I had a good time. Thanks Carrie. Good to see Carrie playing in a new place for the first time.