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May i ask a favor??


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There's a contest here in my country (Indonesia) about photography.

The theme is colorful.

So i decided to sign in.

I'm a newbie in photography world and i'm competing with some very very great and beautiful photos from other people.

The top 10 photos with MOST LIKES will win.

Could you guys help me by clicking the 'LIKE' button?

It will be very very very nice of you if you Like my photo and i'll be very pleased if you do :) :

Do-co Store (doctor colour)'s Photos - COLORFUL PHOTO CONTEST | Facebook

*. Before you like the photo, you have to like the fanpage first.

Thank you soooo much for reading. :)

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you



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May I know any software for editing photos online. I know about the Photoshop and some such others but I don't want to use all these because these all require to learn before use. so the online software are not so complicated and anybody can use easily. I hope You people help me. thanks in advance.Transportable Homes
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