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'My Gift' - Christmas cd out Sept 25


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WOW!!! "SO AMAZING"! "My Gift Album" and "My Savior Album" are BOTH MASTERPIECE! Definitely all "vocal masterpieces". But ... you cannot point to any one single item that makes the whole thing work: IT IS THE ENTIRE WORK - all the pieces working together to create an overall effects that leads to ENDURING GREATNESS. And it is not just the big pieces, but also the itty-bitty details. I already ordered from as my Christmas Gifts to my relatives and friends - only $9.99 per cd - limit is "five per order". Advance "Merry Christmas", everyone!
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I'd be curious how this breaks out. Spotify is around 30 M. Every song on Youtube has fewer views than their counterpart on Spotify, except Hallelujah. On Facebook, I only see a few videos posted related to My Gift but the Hallelujah music video has 50 M there. So that's probably 100 M from the platforms where I can see public tallies. Then you have Apple Music, Amazon, and other streaming services but I can't imagine them being more popular than Spotify. That's maybe 150 M? Not sure if live performance count now, or if Spotify numbers are global tallies or just US (I know YouTube is global).


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Carrie and her team are incredibly smart for filming her songs at one location, then using those songs at different events! Exposure without the hassle. Allows her to be in various places at once too, so she can continue to dominate the music scene!


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The album will for sure go platinum in a couple years between streams and sales. In the last three weeks, My Gift has already sold 66K copies! The number of sales continues to increase each week.
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Attending at my friend’s Christmas party & one of the highlight entertainments is his daughter singing “OHN”. Thought the background music sound familiar & yes, it was from Carrie ‘My gift”. Today, if anyone want to showcase or practice singing skill in holiday season, Carrie Christmas songs or versions are the way to go. That’s how I’m seeing frequently at You Tube channel. Merry Christmas to Carrieland. I’m sure everyone wish is Carrie new album next year.