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Opry has uploaded Walkaway Joe


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Grand Ole Opry
When #Opry stars align ... �� @KelseaBallerini and @carrieunderwood perform @trishayearwood's "Walkaway Joe."


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Thanks, I enjoyed that. It's a relatively simply structured song, which requires the singer to show empathy with the character, relying on tone and expression. Carrie shows considerable feeling, and I'd like her to take the occasional opportunity to perform other songs like this.

I think the excitement Kelsea shows at sharing a stage with Carrie is completely genuine - she's always looked up to her as a major influence. I've been impressed with her since I saw clips from her original radio tour, and her album showed a variety of instances of her experience as a songwriter, reflecting a wider range than the radio singles chosen. Her speech on being inducted, saying that whatever happened with her career, she'd always be able to come here and sing Country Music hit the right note, and I think she's showing an encouraging potential to take on the role of youngest member.


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Now this.. this is the type of song I do not mind Carrie singing. When will there be more songs like this on a Carrie album! I didn't think these slower types of songs went well with her voice, especially since she uses some head voice(?) or falsetto in them sometimes and it's not really my thing, but Carrie just reminded me she can sing these songs very well. I need more!