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Retro-styled cover of 'Before He Cheats'


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I only recently came across this cover version, which I think has been around since April 2018, and has gained over a million views. Some of you may have seen it, but I thought I'd post it for those who haven't.

The version comes from Postmodern Jukebox, a revolving collective of guest artists, organized by Scott Bradlee (who can be seen playing piano in this video.) His aim is to "reimagine" modern hit songs, incorporating varied stylistic elements which have a retro feel. Typically, the artists he recruits reimagine a hit drawn from one genre in styles associated with a different genre - and only a small minority (as here) stick to Country styles. They do live shows, as well as being featured on a popular You Tube channel.

The guest artists performing here with Scott are a girl Country band, Kitty Hawk - all of whom have performed separately, as well as in this ensemble, having done varied amounts of solo recording, session work, and backing for other artists. They are Annie Bosko (lead vocal and guitar), Annie Clements (bass). Megan Mullins (fiddle) and Keyleigh Moyer (drums).
The first part of the song largely adheres to the style of the original, with the main variation being each of the front line trio taking turns on elements of the vocal. The innovative elements come mainly in the second part of the song (from Megan's fiddle solo onwards), where a style more reminiscent of Western Swing is incorporated. I think this gives the version more of a Tulsa feel, to contrast with the menacing, punctuated Muscle Shoals beat that predominated in the original.