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**ROUND 1: Flat On The Floor vs. Crazy Dreams

Flat On The Floor or Crazy Dreams?

  • Flat On The Floor

    Votes: 23 71.9%
  • Crazy Dreams

    Votes: 9 28.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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It's time for the Carnival Ride face-off game!! In round 1, 2 songs (chosen by random drawing) will face off against each other. The song that gets the most votes moves onto round 2, and its challenger will be drawn at random. The winner advances to round 3, and so on!!! May the best song win!!


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Waiting for FOTF to rightfully dominate.

I love CD, though, especially live. It just has the misfortune of being on the same album as FOTF, AAG, SS, JAD, GOOTT, IKYW, LN, YWFT, TMBIM, Twisted, and WOTW.


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I hope Carrie sing FOTF when I see here again in March she did not sing it the first two Blown Away Concerts I been to so far.
I'm considering whether I should select "Flat On the Floor" or "Crazy Dreams".

I have listened to each song nearly 250 times. And both seems to be alike in term of listening to times.

Both are included in "Carnival Ride", the second studio album of my co-favorite and co-important singer (musical co-ruler) - Carrie Underwood

There is an unpopular opinion that considers "Flat On the Floor" a cover song


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There is an unpopular opinion that considers "Flat On the Floor" a cover song

Ashley (the co-writer) did perform it for a live session recorded for CMT, and this video was available for quite some time, but may no longer be. Katrina Elam also recorded it for a planned album, which was later shelved. However, her version did receive radio play as an advance single - so, technically, Carrie's version could be called a cover - nevertheless, hers was the first commercial album release.

These two songs are among my favourites - I especially like Carrie's Opry performance of "Crazy Dreams". "Crazy Dreams" is a significant early example of Carrie's songwriting, on a subject which is personally important to her - I see this as her tribute to the "little people" who voted her to public notice and commercial success.

In this clash betwen two songs I like, though, I'm going to have to come down on the side of "Flat On The Floor" - which is really the song that led me to become a Carrie fan. It's also a difficult high speed vocal, imposing considerable demands on the singer, showing emotion that combines vulnerability with determined survival.