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Round 4: What Can I Say vs Temporary Home

What Can I Say vs Temporary Home

  • What Can I Say

    Votes: 19 43.2%
  • Temporary Home

    Votes: 25 56.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


New member

Does WCIS actually stand a chance!?


New member
What Can I Say, it's a masterpiece - my all time favourite Carrie track. Should of been a single. :(


Active member
I voted WCIS.

I like TH but it got old for me, mainly the studio version. I could listen to it live over and over again but I skip the studio version quite often.


Well-known member
I absolutely love Temporary Home - for so many reasons. I love the message, the music video (which makes me cry and features a powerhouse acting performance by Carrie), and the back story of how Mike inspired Carrie to write a song like this (called "Temporary Home") after they read "The Purpose Driven Life" together. For all of these reasons, I root for Temporary Home to win this round, and every round. :)


New member
This is actually turning out to be a really good match lol. There is actually some competition instead of one song absolutely clobbering another one.