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Some Hearts Vinyl Available June 26, 2020


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When Carrie Underwood was crowned the winner on the fourth season of American Idol in 2005, even her most devoted new fans couldn't anticipate the career she'd have. Every single one of her studio albums has topped Billboard's country chart and occupied the top two spots on the magazine's overall albums chart.

She's become not only one of the highest-selling female country artists, but one of the bestselling female artists of any genre. And it all started with Some Hearts, her debut album, released just sixth months after her Idol victory. Some Hearts quickly set a number of achievements for Carrie: the fastest selling solo debut by a female country artist, the best-selling country album of 2006 and 2007 (the first time a female artist earned back-to-back honors), the best-selling overall album of 2006, and the best-selling country album of the decade.

Armed with irresistible singles like "Jesus, Take The Wheel" and the iconic revenge anthem (and crossover pop smash) "Before He Cheats," Some Hearts earned Carrie three Grammy Awards, including one for Best New Artist, and back-to-back Single of the Year wins at the Country Music Association Awards. For the first time ever, fans can enjoy Some Hearts on vinyl, as a 2LP set with a special custom etching on the fourth side.


1. Wasted
2. Don't Forget To Remember Me
3. Some Hearts
4. Jesus, Take The Wheel
5. The Night Before (Life Goes On)

1. Lessons Learned
2. Before He Cheats
3. Starts With Goodbye
4. I Just Can't Live A Lie
5. We're Young And Beautiful

1. That's Where It Is
2. Whenever You Remember
3. I Ain't In Checotah Anymore
4. Inside Your Heaven

1. Custom Etching - (No Music)
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Yes this makes me happy! I have Cry Pretty and Storyteller on vinyl already. So does Sony have Carrie’s permission to do this, or since they still have her catalogue are they able to release it on vinyl without her having a say? And then I’m assuming sales from this would count towards Some Hearts’ certifications.


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^ they don’t need Carrie’s permission as they own the rights to her masters. However, I have a hard time believing she would have a problem with them doing because it is promoting her back catalog.


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Imagine if the vinyl is released with 2 bonus tracks recorded for that album! Haha! I could die!
^ It is basically a side of the vinyl that doesn't play music but instead has some type of design etched onto it. Like on my Storyteller vinyl, it has Carrie Underwood written all over it with the album's font.


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The vinyl is now available on Carrie’s official store.


For the first time ever, fans can enjoy Some Hearts on vinyl, as a 2LP set with a special custom etching on the fourth side.

PRE-ORDER: Estimated delivery date for U.S. orders is June 26th. International orders will not arrive on release date. If you order multiple items your order will remain on hold until everything is in stock.

Release Date: June 26, 2020
In a week or so will we be able to tell how many copies this has sold on vinyl so far or is that information not really made available like typical releases?