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To: ethelu


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Miscommunication did indeed happen. I absolutely LOVE CF and we all go off track sometimes, however please do not comment on almost every single article and/or post I made in Cary's thread. Also, I don't know everything about deleting other posters with my post included & moving to another thread because I have never had to do that. Cary explained to me in his post and now I understand and YES, it would be a nightmare!

I have made many friends here and I want to keep it that way. I would like to be your friend, but that is up to you. As I suggested in Cary's thread, in my opinion, it would be wonderful if you could look back and see how things work at CF - that's not to say we are going to get off track because we do every single day. However when you feel attacked and you love Carrie and your friends, it is really hard to deal with. I've been through this twice and it made me want to leave CF forever. Several of my friends defended me and asked me not to so I didn't leave because my CF friends I trust. The other time I was attacked (although not as bad) was when I made a post stating my opinion. CF's can disagree with me and that is perfectly fine, however there is NO reason to attack ANY CF. After that, I didn't post my opinion for a very long time. All I posted was information and recently articles about Our Girl.

In any event, I will defend myself if I post information and/or articles and I will not be slammed. I don't slam Carrie Fans. It will be a long time before I post my opinion. I sincerely hope attacks stop on CF'ers, especially on posting an article and opinions as well (not just mine). Every CF is entitled to their opinion, however they do not deserve to be attacked and/or slammed. Sad that I have even been PM'd because someone was being attacked and asked me if I would help them. And I did. That person is a true friend.

These posts between you and I - I forgive! All I ask is you put the article/opinion in the correct thread. I posted that I was wrong in posting that article re SITW in the wrong thread. In that case, I should have made a thread of the article in the appropriate (first) and then made a post in Cary's thread saying every CF needs to read this and provided the link. Also, in that same post in Cary's thread asking all CF to ... (paraphrising) ... knock it off and discuss this in an approprite thread and not his because it is specific, only dealing with Carrie's chart stuff. Comments regarding Cary's thread are always welcome & he answers questions CF'ers ask...we are all adults and some young people and should be responsible enough to abide by this request. Even though Cary said it was ok to post the article in his thread - all CF saw what happened - and Cary said to discuss it in a thread that ... paraphrasing ... was the subject of the article and it clearly states Cary's thread is: "Something In The Water/Somethin' Bad on the Mediabase Charts"

I knew better than to post that entire, long article in Cary's thread - but I also knew what to do - post the article in a new thread "Times" - sorry don't have official forum and name because my laptop went offline (thank you so much internet) - I'll edit this when I get my connection back...ugh. Then post in Cary's thread the link to where the article was and shout from the rooftops everyone needs to go read this article. Have more on the religion part - a thread - but I've got to get this thread going so Heaven help me, I'll lose all of this (already happened once...ugh...darn internet)

Have a wonderful day and if you ever need to talk to me, please PM me and we can talk about it (and if I don't know the answer, I will most probably know who will).

Have a blessed day,



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I'm going to shut down my computer and wait awhile. Ugh...uVerse

I'll be back soon so if there are typos or it doesn't make sense, I'll fix it soon.

Love you guys!!!

See ya in a bit!!