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I guess I will never understand why folks try and do Carrie's songs.... Nail in the coffin....
Apparently Blake chose the song. She wasn't "terrible' but there certainly were some cringeworthy off key moments. It's actually good exposure for Carrie so I'll take it.


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Oh wow. I don't know why he would let her do this song. It's probably one of the more difficult ones from her catalogue. Leaving the high notes aside, I feel like the narration and storytelling pacing is very difficult to match in the verses.


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Brian Smith



Carrie Underwood knows who has the #1 album 2 months in a row in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine! "This Life We're Livin" by Darin & Brooke Aldridge os available wherever fine music is sold or streamed.


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Merry Christmas to Carrie and her family. Love to see her in her CALIA. It’s sad to hear she’s ending her partnership with DICKS Sporting Goods. I am excited to see what new ventures she takes on in 2022. My fingers are crossed for a new album.