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Does anyone remember who made this wallpaper?


New member
I'm hoping to find a bigger version of this wallpaper to use on my computer, because the version I have saved right now is too small. But I can't remember where I got this wallpaper from (I think it was CF, but I've searched most of the wallpaper threads and can't find it), or who made it. Anyone happen to know?



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It´s nice, but I have no idea, this is the first time I saw it....I did look at fanpop, but it isn´t there either...hope someone else will know.


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^What I was doing was just setting it to "stretch to fill screen", but when I do that it becomes very pixely.


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Jessica, here's a bigger version I made, hope it fits. I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible, but I did make a few changes. Hope you like it. If not, I'm happy to change anything and make it how you want. :)



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