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New 2012 theme is up / clear your cache


New theme is up. Hope you like it. You may have to clear your cache.
Also, site should start loading much faster as well. :)


Well-known member
Wow, I was off for a few minutes and then came back. Great looking site.

Really easy to read with my old old eyes.

What does the little dot mean. On a distinguished road


New member
Wow... I thought I was having a flashback there for a second... LOL
Thanks James it even looks AWSOME on TAPATALK...

Carrie Country

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Our screen names look bigger than usual. That's going to take some getting used to! I thought I was looking at a large print book for old people!!!!!


Staff member
Outstanding job as always James! You are simply the best! I hope everyone appreciates all that you do for us....I know I do!


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wow! I was only away for a short time and then a whole new look! but I love it! thanks James!