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ROUND 2: Songs Like This vs Undo It

Songs Like This vs Undo It

  • Songs Like This

    Votes: 14 34.1%
  • Undo It

    Votes: 27 65.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Active member
Undo It. It's actually one of my favourite Carrie songs and I think it's vastly underrated. As far as lyrics go, it's not anything out of the ordinary, but it's super catchy and fun. SLT would be one of my favourite songs on the album as well.


Well-known member
I'm voting for "Songs Like This" again, which I think has both better music and more interesting lyrics.

Carrie sings "Undo It" with a lot of energy - but I'm afraid I don't find it a particularly strong or memorable song.