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Carrie's Streaming Numbers


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Damage has not hit 400,000 on Spotify it got lost in the shuffle somehow I thought it was a good song but maybe it was just me…something needs to be done to increase streaming


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It looks like from the chart Jesus, Take the Wheel should reach 100 million streams this year and Good Girl should follow suit this year or early next year


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Does anybody know if Carrie has any certifications on albums or song coming up
She has a lot of eligible songs. Just depends on when they go ahead and do them.

Out of That Truck -Gold
Before He Cheats -Diamond? If not 9X platinum
See You Again -2X Platinum
Temporary Home -2X Platinum
Last Name -2X Platinum
All American Girl -3X Platinum
Church Bells -3X Platinum
Dirty Laundry -2X Platinum
Drinking Alone -Platinum (not as sure about this one, but it’s almost at the same threshold Southound was when it got platinum)
Some Hearts (album) -Diamond

I’m pretty confident in those and do think that some of the older albums have got to be eligible for a bump up like Storyteller, My Savior)


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Great number for OOTT, considering it’s not in any playlists.

Storyteller being Carrie’s number two album speaks volumes about its success.

Those streams for BHC are just so good. I love that Carrie has one huge, crossover hit. There’s an argument that Carrie can’t succeed in streaming but if people are willing to stream BHC, I feel like they could be willing to stream another one of her songs in a big way, it’d just have to be the right song and a crossover hit with national recognition. I feel like that should be able to happen.

Heck, even “The Champion” is doing super well despite never going to radio anywhere. That one was just a natural crossover hit- I don’t know how- but I wish she could have another one of those.