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Carrie's Streaming Numbers


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Does anyone know how to view how many times you listen to a song on Apple Music? Or is that something you can only do once a year when the replay gets released.

NC State Carrie Fan

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Here are the streams for November. The Christmas bump is in full effect for My Gift, which is why you see drops for most of the rest of her discography. December bump should be even larger. OOTT moves up 2 more spots inching closer to the Top 20!

November 2023.png


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Some songs on the chart ahead of Carrie does not have anywhere near 40 million yet this song is not doing well on the charts go figure
Yep. Some songs in the top 20 don’t even have 15M streams. And OOTT reached this even after being removed from playlisting. Also, some songs on the chart are in the exact same playlists that OOTT was in…and it did nothing for the numbers.

and country won’t play it because they have too many women. Smh. Makes me so upset