Carrie Underwood Fans

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Changes coming to Carrie Fans


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Hi all, guess who's back in the saddle?

Some of you have undoubtedly noticed the recent changes. I had to get the site back on one of my servers and that required some forced upgrades, etc. Unfortunately the vBulletin software is just horrendous nowadays and it's a royal pain to deal with. I will be changing over to Xenforo in the near future, I think it provides a much better and certainly more modern experience. That said, there will be some thing that will probably get lost, go away, be delayed in converting over, etc. Most of the more significant things should be fine but there may be a few that can convert directly or at all, we'll see. One of the biggest things I may do is combine some of the forums, especially ones that haven't been active in some time and have similar content. It's much better to have less active forums than a lot of inactive ones.

Anyway, I'm open to content ideas or just ideas in general. If anyone is tinkering with graphics and want to take a stab at updated banners hit me up.

Finally, I don't have an ETA. The bigger changes will happen when I have confirmed they work and when I have time to do them. Some will have to be worked out after the initial conversion.
Thanks so much for updating.. and, I know I speak for all of us about having the ’like’ button back!


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I just came here to say I really, really love the new design. It was long overdue, and this new design is extremely eye pleasing and easy to use. 🎆 (and emojis work!)


I understand I can do that, but that takes me to the last post issued & skips all the ones in between the last time I checked in & that particular post. If that makes any sense...
It does but for me the link takes me to the first unread post in a thread. There are green icons that say New on the posts that haven’t been seen yet. If you’ve seen them already then it takes you to the post itself.