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Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood - If I Didn't Love You


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How sure is everyone? I have seen that some people are saying his wife ( and people in the past have said she looks similar to Carrie) I hope it is, just because she hasn't had a song on country radio in a long time.


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If this gets Carrie a #1 on Country Radio, I am fully supportive. This will be the bridge we need to the new album, if so. She's been away from radio for too long.

I am fascinated by how they choose projects - pairing the right song with the right artist. The fact that we're hearing this happened very quickly, as recently as three weeks ago, makes this even more interesting. Can't wait for more details!


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I've never been a big fan of Jason's voice, but I do like a lot of his songs, specifically 'Don't You Wanna Stay.' Considering this is his lead single, I think it's going to be a smash. Carrie probably knows this too, and I'm ready for her to be back on radio. Chuck Wicks commented on Jason's instagram "I know, I Know, I know, ya'll are gonna be floored," so it must be fire.


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Can’t wait for this!

Love Jason (for the most part). I am envisioning a pop version (per say) of Don’t You Wanna Stay (love that song!). However, I might be surprised; it might be quite country. Either way, keen as for Carrie to return to her roots before Vegas.
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I really like it so far. I want to hear the full song to make an overall decision. Gotta wait til tonight lol. Her head voice was amazing.

Don’t kill me… but I feel she is toning down her vocals on purpose. Maybe I’m too used, as of lately, to her vocals on both MG and MG and IWR. It could be it didn’t fit the song, but just stating my thoughts.