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The Band


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I recently heard he joined another band. please do not quote me on that. It seemed he was getting quite a Fan Base when he was with Carrie. He was selling T-Shirts getting the word out about him being a musician For Carrie. Oh Well, that's life.
God Speed and Many Blessings
Granny G


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They made such a large impact on modern music that it's hard to say that they aren't the best. Unfortunatly so did many others so it's safe to say that they were a GREAT band, but not THE GREATEST...


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Congrats to Sydni and her husband on their baby news. I’m sure Carrie will be happy that her boys will have a new playmate out on the road.


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I think Sydney is having baby tonight
Post on Instagram says I’m coming out with a pic of her belly


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Wow, that's so awesome for Chad and his new wife!!! He's always seemed like such a terrific guy!!! Congrats to them!!!

PS and totally off topic -- what's happened to the 'LIKE' button????