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American Idol The Farewell Season


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Are you kidding me?!?! They are just TWEETS. You guys are ridiculous.

Sorry, but I disagree with you on this one. Kelly has over 10,000,000 followers on twitter and her "just TWEETS" could influence millions of votes, especially young kids who will vote for someone just because Kelly likes her/him. Twitter is a powerful tool for informing/misinforming/influencing public opinion.


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Anyone else notice how at this year's Idol finale Carrie parted her hair on the same side as it was parted during her winning Idol finale? And her dresses were similar with a long overskirt with a shorter skirt underneath for both. And the other thing I noticed was that while she didn't have as much confetti fall on her as she did during her winning moment, she did have some - the rain - fall on her. I thought this was appropriate for the most successful and the ultimate and overall American Idol!!!!!

And of course there's still that beautiful smile, twinkle in her eyes and her out of this world voice!!!!