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Grammys 2022


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I agree that the endless parade of award shows have lost their luster, but I selfishly want it to move forward so that Carrie can benefit from the promotion - and hopefully perform.
I'd be surprised if she was performing at this one.


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And Carrie's residency has her there on the 1st and the 2nd...... they have to have her perform right!?
I have a very strong feeling that our Carrie will perform! Since she is nominated for Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album I LOVE to see a "Carrie Underwood - Cece Winans Collaboration" for the promotion of "My Savior Album". I am hoping that this MASTERPIECE ALBUM will be certified GOLD by RIAA in 2022! I want something similar to this with INNOVATION, of course (maybe our Carrie can include "Something In The Water") ... CLICK and watch:

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The location and the timing of the reschedule seems too perfect for Carrie not to have a role in the ceremony. I think back to the jaw dropping performances that she's given most recently at the CMAs and ACMs and know the Grammy producers should want conversation starters for the show. Carrie will deliver better than any other artist.


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Both the Grammys and CMT’s airing a week apart, on CBS. Would it be too close to perform the same song on both shows? Back to back like that??
Maybe not? The Grammys are in Vegas and I bet if it worked she could make a quick trip to Nashville for the CMT awards